Saturday, June 23, 2007

A glimpse of traditional Chinese medicine

We visited a hospital in Tianjin where acuptuncture was being performed on a ton of people. There were also a ton of people waiting around for their turn. Man, I couldn't handle seeing so many needles being poked into people!!

We spoke to an Australian lady who was a patient at the hospital who had some kind of disability, I can't recall exactly what it was. She said she had been going through the process of rehabilitation in Australia for around two years without much progress being made. She had heard about acupuncture in China and did some research, and decided to give it a try, so she and her husband flew to China. She claims that within two weeks of starting the process more progress was made than her entire time in Australia. I found that to be quite interesting.

Also, when we were in Hanzhou, we visisted a hospital that prescribes herbal medicine to their patients.

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