Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Touristy Delhi and hit and run

Earlier in the day, we mostly did the touristy thing. Saw lots of green.

First, we took a cycle rickshaw and went to M-block to grab a bite to eat. It was actually quite deserted in the morning, I was kind of surprised. Anyway, where did we go to eat? Shamefully, McDonald's! haha. But I absolutely love their veggie burgers, and I wish they had them in the US!!

Following that, we went to the Lotus Temple. Very green! To enter the temple, we had to take our shoes off and check them in. Well, during that time, a worm must have crawled into my sandal. After I had put my sandals back on, I had been walking for a bit, when I felt like there was something stuck to my foot. I took off my sandal, only to discover a squashed worm. Ewww!!! I started freaking out and threw my shoe. Of course this caused a scene, and several people started asking me what was wrong. I told them there was a worm in my sandal, and they picked up the sandal to get rid of the worm. It took a few tries because they were doing it without touching it... but eventually they got it, thank goodness. Ugh, so sick.

Oh, and it was a hot day, and for some reason, I decided I wanted to be drinking hot tea as I'm walking (and sweating.) Well, actually, the reason was I wanted to be getting my antioxidants. But anyway.

Following the Lotus Temple, we made our way to the India Gate and the President's Estate.
It was hot. You would expect someone to be selling water in a touristy area, but it was very difficult to come by... never did find water.

Eventually we made our way back to Kailash Colony.

A few hours later, we made a second attempt at meeting Jennifer's friend Scott in Connaught Place--and succeeded! Weather was much better. Once we got to the general area, we didn't have too much trouble finding the restaurant. The locals are always very eager to help. We had a quality western-style meal, haha.

Following the dinner, Scott arranged to have his driver take us back. The drive back is when we encountered a slight accident. The driver was making a turn that he really shouldn't have made because there was an oncoming car, and slowly but surely, the other car crashes into the side of our car. So what does our driver do? He continues to drive. I guess it was our driver's intent to drive to lose the other car, which of course was following us, so he turns onto a dark street and turns off his headlights as he continues to drive. Eventually, we lose the other car, and he turns his headlights back on, and we make our way back.


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