Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chillaxin in Kerala (Alleppey)

Well, they say Kerala is a relaxing place to be, and we did just that--relax. Being in Alleppey, there was definitely a different kind of atmosphere than any of the other cities I had been to in India.

When we arrived at the bus station in Alleppey, of course we were approached by people wanting us to stay at their hotel. As always, this helps! We don't have to go in search of one. So we stayed at this place that had two really nice and friendly employees. They told us their names were Jay and Boney. Both of them were always smiling and had a positive attitude. They made the place feel homey, and they taught us how to play a few card games (haha.)

The one down side to the area we stayed... we couldn't really find any places to eat! So for the two days we were there, we pretty much ate at the same place for many meals--the Prince Hotel's restaurant. It was like a 10 minute rickshaw ride away.

It was rather gloomy during our stay, and we didn't do much. We did wander around a bit, and walking around, it was just different--not too many people around. We did also find some kids who seemed to be up to a whole lot of nothing, haha.

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