Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lots of wandering (Patan)

We ended up taking a taxi to Patan which is about 15 minutes from Kathmandu. We made a lame attempt at finding a bus that goes there, but the two buses we asked weren't going to Patan, so we just went by taxi.
When we got to Patan, the first thing we did was find food. After that, we started wandering around the city, at times going to places that we clearly did not want to be. So we wandered around some more.
Throughout our wandering we came across quite a few kids playing around.
Eventually we made it to places we wanted to see, like the Golden Temple and the Durbar Square of Patan, while stumbling across other areas of interest.

We chilled out at Durbar Square for a bit, where Claudio was having fun entertaining some Nepali kids, or maybe the other way around? haha.
We then decided to go to the Patan Zoo, so we got in a taxi and headed there. Of course there were lots of cute animals! well as others, haha.

There was also a mini lake where we were able to rent a pedal boat! yay!
Shortly thereafter, it started pouring, so we hung out under shelter waiting for the rain to subside... The animals took shelter as well.

After the zoo, we made our way back to Kathmandu.

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