Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh... (Bangalore)

So when we got back to Mumbai, I went back with Anand to his place and rested there for a bit. Then I headed out with time to kill until it was time for my train to Bangalore to depart that evening. The train ride was a bit longer than I expected. (Yes, indeed I am learning India is a big country.) The Chalukya Express from Mumbai to Bangalore was about 24 hours.

And I guess I should write about the city itself. Although to be honest, I don't really think I am in any position to comment on the city. I really don't even know why I went to Bangalore. It was really because I didn't know where to go after Aurangabad.

And I had my first horrible-tasting lassi. It was sad. Every lassi I had up until that point had been delicious!

The main (only) thing I did was meet up with someone at one of the oldest pubs in Bangalore... and I think it's the only pub that still plays their music using cassettes? Or something?

And I felt I was constantly covering my mouth from all the pollution.

But I will admit, I did not give Bangalore a fair chance.

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