Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More chillaxin in Delhi

Well, we were able to get train tickets back to Delhi, but Claudio and I were on different trains. Mainly because originally Claudio booked a ticket to Goa and then decided he wanted to go to Delhi... more or less because he didn't realize his ticket to Goa was waitlisted (and he was far down on the list), so he changed his plans. Anyway, his train left a couple hours before my train, but I actually ended up arriving in Delhi before he did since his train was slower, haha. But the extra two or three hours I was at the Jhansi station..... well, I think I would have rather been on the train!! There was absolutely nothing to do, and there was practically no excitement whatsoever. I was SO bored. Plus, at the station, I was the only foreigner... the only girl... the only foreign girl, which calls for many stares. Anyway, I took the Shatabdi Express from Jhansi to Delhi.

This time around, the main things I did in Delhi were check out the Qutab Minar, went to the mall and saw a movie (American of course haha), and went to a film festival. The film I saw took place in a small village in the southern state of Karnataka, and it was in the language of Kannada with English subtitles.

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